I enjoy playing music in a wide variety of styles. Double Bass is my main instrument, but I also play the electric bass, cello and viola da gamba. In addition to my work as the Assistant Principal Double Bassist of the Billings Symphony I frequently collaborate with colleagues in a wide variety of genres.  

Listen to Virginia Virtuosi here. 

(Concert Program)

Devoted to challenging musical boundaries and engaging new audiences since 2005, Virginia Virtuosi performs innovative chamber music concerts throughout the mid-Atlantic. The trio won the 2008 Alumni Ventures award from Yale University for their work in expanding the audience and repertoire for live chamber music. Their innovative approach  lead the Fairfax Connection to describe the ensemble as “turning classical music cool” and Èlan magazine to describe them as “something to be excited about.” Virginia Virtuosi frequently partners with the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Kennedy Center, Fairfax County Parks, Virginia Commission for the Arts, and the American Federation of Musicians to present concerts in Virginia and the Washington DC region. Virginia Virtuosi is deeply committed to education and outreach and maintains a very active performance schedule at schools and community centers. 

Generation Klez was an acoustic klezmer band active from 1995 - 2003 in the New York/Connecticut region. The ensemble featured Craig Harwood (guitar) Julie Assuma (clarinet), Netta Hadari (violin) and Mark Bergman (double bass).