Dr. Mark Elliot Bergman directing the Sheridan College Symphony Orchestra

As an ensemble director, I lead the Sheridan College Symphony Orchestra and the Sheridan College Viol Consort. Our ensembles are true partnerships between students, community members, and faculty. Working with these wonderful musicians is a privilege!

The Cinematic Symohony

Classical Music on the Silver Screen. Music by Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Beethoven, and the World Premiere of Epic Awesome Miniatures!

December, 2023

Opera, by George!

Music of George Gershwin, Georges Bizet, and others.

May, 2023

Heroes and Heroines of the Orchestra

Music by Joan Tower, Horatio Parker, and Samuel Coleridge Taylor

December, 2022

Vanhal Bass Concerto

On rare occasions, I work with my ensembles as a soloist and a conductor! In the Spring of 2021, we needed to reduce the size of our ensembles to 20 or fewer due to safety concerns related to the pandemic. Unable to present the regularly scheduled Beethoven piano concerto, we switched gears and played the Vanhal Concerto for Double Bass! 

Little Dream Spiders

George Mason University M3E (Mason Modern Ensemble) performing music by Kyle Kindred at the Kennedy Center on November 21, 2014

Jouyssance vous donneray

The Sheridan College Viol Consort performing music by Arbeau