Sheridan College

Bass Day

Slides for Solos So Low (WMEA 2023)

What: Sheridan College Bass Day

When: TBA 2023

Where: Sheridan College, 1 Whitney Way, Sheridan, WY.

Streaming?: Yes!

How: Registraion TBA

Guest Clinician: TBA

Schedule (TBA):

2022 Bass Day Info (for reference):

  • 10:00 am - 10:45 am Welcome and Bass Concert I (Recital Hall)

    • Zoom ID:

    • Dr. Mark Elliot Bergman with Loretta Tonak, piano

    • Concert Program Slides

      • Valse Miniature (Serge Koussevitzky)

      • Le Gai Cascaseur (Pierre Max Dubois)

      • Suite for Unaccompanied Double Bass (John Leach)

        • andante

        • allegro

        • larghetto

        • recitative and march

      • Elegy (Giovanni Bottesini)

      • Concerto for Double Bass; I. Allegro Moderato (J.B. Vanhal)

      • Five Eldritch Horrors (Mark Elliot Bergman)

        • Tentacles

        • Nameless and Faceless

        • The Antediluvian

        • Beast from the Stygian Depths

        • The Whispering Miasma

      • Odd Man Out (Vernon Elliot)

  • 12:30 - 2:00 NO HOST LUNCH (nearby restaurants include Qdoba, Jimmy Johns, Sapporo, and Taco Johns. Cartwells lunch is also available on campus in the TRCC building on campus)